Ashley Moffatt

Shortly after his birth in Manchester in 1976, ‘Ash’ and his family moved down to Lands End. Growing up as far south and west that you can get in the UK, his life has evolved around the beach and Atlantic Ocean and he currently works as a surf instructor at Sennen Cove.

He was lent a drum kit at the age of nine and is predominantly self taught.  He has been involved with countless Cornish bands and musicians and has established himself as a much sought after and dynamic kit drummer.  His musical highlights to date include supporting Canteloupe with his band ‘Drift’ and perfoming in a musical production called ‘Trash’ in front of 2000 people at the Cornwall Coliseum.  The bands he has played with have varied from Grunge/Funk (‘Pumpkin Fresh’) to Ambient Rock (‘Nag-Champer’).

Ash was spotted by The Zennor Project after he stood out whilst playing at a party in the summer of 2001.  Primarily a dance/funk kit drummer, he is also a competent Djembe drum player and therefore fits like a glove into The Zennor Project.

Ash at Gwenvor
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