Neil Muttock

Got his first classical guitar aged 11 and shortly moved to Wiltshire from London.  At the age of 14 he landed a job in a music shop and recording studio, teaching guitar and learning the basics of sound engineering.

Through teaching others, Neil learnt a lot about the guitar and formed his first band with Will, writing, producing and selling their albums around the local schools.  This experience opened his eyes to the world of composition, arrangement and development of quality music.

Neil became involved with numerous bands and musicians and began playing at venues all over the country.  Styles ranged from Grunge Rock to Funk to Gothic to Jazz.  He became a very versatile musician and gathered experience of presenting many different musical genres.

During university, the band ‘Love-It’ was formed and played around the university circuit, a keen following of fans grew in their home town of Cheltenham, where they regularly played acoustically.

After a world wander during 1999, Neil reformed the pertnership with Will and concentrated on Orangutan.  After producing the EP 'Surprised Coconut' , his plans were accelerated when he met the other individuals, soon to succeed with  The Zennor Project.

Neil golfing around with Satsumas
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