Tracy Jane Sullivan

Tracy Jane Sullivan - singer, guiratist

Originally from Kent, an outstanding singer songwriter, capable of capturing the hearts of anyone with ears.

Will Lawton

Will Lawton – Pianist, Singer and Sound Maker

From Somerset, a large pianist who stretches the imagination through sound, using his fingers and vocal chords.

Neil Muttock

Neil Muttock – Guitar

From Wiltshire, a radical guitarist who learnt to play by teaching others.

Ash Moffat

Ashley Moffatt - Drum Kit

From the extreme South West, an enigmatic percussionist with a flare for funk.

Peter Van Pletzen

Peter Van Pletzen - Djembe Drum, Percussion, Digerido and Fire Dancer

Born in South Africa and self-taught, a remarkable Djembe drummer with a unique ability to dance with fire.

Tim Jones

Tim Jones - Bass Guitar

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, a superb bass guitarist influenced by Latin Afro Funk.