Peter Van Pletzen

From Wilderness in South Africa, Peter has spent a great part of his life living wild and immersed in the culture, power and music of Southern Africa.  He has always loved drums.

Ten years ago he decided to buy himself a drum, but discovered that he couldn’t afford it.  So he made his own.   He went on to establish himself as a well-known drum maker and has made over 80 drums for various musicians and bands throughout Africa.   Over this period he has dedicated himself to the Djembe drum.  Drumming has become a way of life.

Living ‘out of the system’ gave Peter time to focus on fire dancing.   He has developed his own unique style with the short and long sticks and has toured South Africa with  the highly acclaimed chart band Cucumber Zoo.  He performed his fire routines and drumming in front of thousands at huge festivals.

In 2000, Peter finally broke away from Africa and ventured to England.  After his head nearly exploded due to the culture shock and living on a shoe-string, he found himself at home in Cornwall.  The pig shed that has recently been his home is going to provide the base for some incredible music.

Peter dancing with fire
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