Occasionally in life, you get a burning desire to do something HUGE.  If you are very lucky, you meet other individuals with the same passion, heading in exactly the same direction as yourself.  This is rare.

Four people from around the world, were all developing their individual talents in their own way before deciding, one morning, to combine energy and create something amazing.   Ignoring the pressures to be near London to succeed, they decided to quit their jobs, leave their homes and move to Lands End for the summer of 2001 - their objective was to put together a diverse musical and visual production to be performed around the world.

In the process of creating this show, additional local musicians were recruited and The Zennor Project became well renowned throughout Cornwall.  They have filled theatres, featured on West Country television, headlined festivals and performed in bizarre locations such as marooned on a rock in the middle of the sea .... all within three months.  Pure passion and determination, a big yellow tour bus, a pig shed as a rehearsal studio and overwhelming support from a huge network of talented friends has made all this possible.

The Zennor Project has now entered Phase Two.

The EP 'Twist' was recorded during October 2001 and is now available to buy from this website.  The aim of Phase Two is to expose as many people as possible to the music by selling the EP, getting airplay and touring during the first half of next year.

The Zennor Project has got to this stage largely due to the support and belief from other individuals and organisations and are always open to new suggestions and assistance.