Tim Jones

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia.   Tim comes from a family with a long history of musicianship.  He got his first bass at the age of sixteen.  After forming the obligatory high school band with some mates, belting out Led Zeppelin covers.  Tim had his career brought to an unfortunate abrupt end when his bass (and all of his clothes) were stolen.

Unpreturbed, he bought a harmonica and a panel van and headed off to follow the sun around Australia and then the globe, on a five year journey that came rather unexpectedly to rest in the South West of England.    Here Tim, re-inspired by the English and particularily the local music scene, bought himself another bass.

The next few years were spent playing in various popular Penzance based outfits including; 'Mr Pink' (indie/groove), whose illustrious career saw them play venues as far ranging as a bikers clubhouse, a B.P service station, and on a snow laden Austrian mountain-side, and then just about everywhere else in between.  Also, 'Green Mango', an 8 piece Latin/Afro/Funk kind of fusion, who are still keeping dance floors gyrating around the South West.

Having recently teamed up with the Zennor Project, Tim is still useless on the harmonica.


Tim playing with the sand

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