Will Lawton

Started playing the piano 20 years ago.  The influential jazz guidance of his father lead to classical music taking a back seat as he learnt to play by ear and moved away from reading the dots. 

Will sang in shows throughout his early teens and teamed up with Neil Muttock at school to write, produce and then sell copies of their album, ’12 Midnight’.    At college Will played with various jazz funk bands and began experimenting with the Hammond and Rhodes pianos.

Will then formed an Acid Jazz partnership with friend Joe Holweger called ‘Funkbucket’.  Predominantly on the pub scene, they wrote and produced an album before Will decided to travel round the world with a rucksack on his back.

On his return, he partnered up again with Joe and Neil, forming Orangutan.   The EP ‘Surprised Coconut’ was produced in 2000 and inspired the band to get their music out to the masses.

Based in Cornwall with more musicians and time to create, will cause dreams to happen.


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          Peter Van Pletzen           Neil Muttock           Tracy Jane Sullivan           Ash Moffat           Tim Jones